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AbiagealIrish form of Abigail brings joyGirlIrish
AbrachamIrish form of AbrahamBoyIrish
AdamnanLittle AdamBoyIrish
AdanLittle fireGirlIrish
AdaraFrom the ford at the oak treeGirlIrish
AdareFrom the ford of the oak treeBoyIrish
AddergooleFrom between two fordsBoyIrish
AdeenLittle fireGirlIrish
AderrigFrom the red fordBoyIrish
AdhamhOf the earthBoyIrish
AengusOne vigorBoyIrish
AghadergFrom the red fordBoyIrish
AghadreenaFrom the field of the sloe bushesGirlIrish
AghamoraFrom the great fieldGirlIrish
AghamoreFrom the great fieldBoyIrish
AghaveaghFrom the field of the old treeGirlIrish
AghavillaFrom the field of the old treeGirlIrish
AghnaIrish form of AgnesGirlIrish
AghyFriend of horsesBoyIrish
AhanaFrom the little fordGirlIrish
AhaneFrom the little fordBoyIrish
AhearnLord of the horsesBoyIrish
AhernLord of the horsesBoyIrish
Total number of names for selected criteria is 1554