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AlexondraDefender of man.GirlLatin
AllisandraOf great natureGirlLatin
AnnabelleGrace and beauty.GirlLatin
AnnunciataNews Bearer.GirlLatin
Araina(ah-RAY-nah) - Variant of Raina: Queen.GirlLatin
AraseliAlter in the sky.GirlLatin
ArmindaThe protector, little armed one.GirlLatin
AyriaunaHoly or strong.GirlLatin
BelvaBeautiful view.GirlLatin
BenicioBenevolent one.BoyLatin
CaeliFrom heavenGirlLatin
CarlyLittle and womanly. Alternate Spelling: Carlie.GirlLatin
CeceliaBlind. Famous bearer: The blind St. Cecilie, patron saint of music, was a talented musician.GirlLatin
ChrystalClear, bright, ice.GirlLatin
DominicBelonging to the Lord.BoyLatin
DominickVariant of Dominic, Belonging to the LordBoyLatin
DominikBelonging to the Lord.BoyLatin
EmileeVariant of Emily. Hard worker.GirlLatin
Giana GirlLatin
Grace-Lynn GirlLatin
JilienneAlternate Spelling: Jillian. Young Child.GirlLatin
JosalynnLight HeartedGirlLatin
JosslynHappy, Joyful. Alternate Spelling: Jocelyn, Jocelynn, Jocelyne.GirlLatin
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